Spring is here, in life as it is on the trail, with the beginning of a new career.  It is often hard not to look back and contemplate the meaning of past endeavors, but what purpose does this serve?  I have found none.  In my experience, trying to figure out, or understand, the past brings up feelings of self-doubt, regret and a hesitation to trust my intuition in moving forward.  Now I am trying a new approach:  I spend much more time looking forward and trusting my intuition than looking backward.  The past can provide some information and resources, but to move forward, I must trust my inner guidance.  This is the meaning behind The Inner Trail; it is the path inward that provides us answers, not the path we have already walked. 

It is also time to let go of old stories and self-talk as they are no longer relevant.  This is not a judgement, good, or bad, just a realization that the things I have been told by others and been telling myself no longer apply.  I am starting with a clean slate. 

“I am unwritten, can’t read my mind, I’m undefined
I’m just beginning, the pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned”
–  Natasha Bedingfield

I move forward with an authentic purpose in life and I hope to find others to join me.  As I travel this journey in my own life, I hope to guide fellow travelers on their own healing journey.  I am committed to helping my tribe find their inner path to health and fulfillment in life.

Spring has sprung and I trust that the divine will guide me forward for the benefit of all.


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