Why would you want to work with a Wellness Coach?
Are you unable to access the level of health that you desire?
Are you frustrated with your current healthcare and don’t know where to turn next?
Your body has an innate wisdom and intuition from which you can learn exactly what is most needed to help it heal. I will help you access this information as you make treatment and lifestyle choices and choose healthcare providers.
You are a unique individual with unique health needs, not only for your body, but for your mind and spirit as well.
Our traditional Healthcare system will lead you to believe that you are a diagnosis, and treat you the same as everyone else with that same diagnosis. My friends, nothing could be further from the truth. You are a unique and beautiful being with an amazing ability to heal from within.
As a coach, I will guide your healing journey. We will address all aspects of your health, including nutrition, healthy movement, relationships, and career. We will discuss your attitudes, beliefs and self-talk about health and how they can affect your healing process. We will also discuss alternative treatment modalities, and I will help you find supportive health care providers that offer the treatments you are looking for.
Are you convinced yet of the benefits of working with a Wellness Coach?
If you are still on the fence, I offer a complimentary strategy session in which we will discuss how I can help you with your particular health concerns.
Optimal health is waiting for you.
Contact me today!

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