A medical diagnosis can be life-changing, frightening and confusing.  In order to heal, your body needs gentle, loving care, not a battle with disease.  Our healthcare system is designed to treat disease with a seek-and-destroy mentality, often times leaving you feeling dis-empowered with limited choices.

Your thoughts and reactions can have a powerful impact on your ability to heal.  This is a place where you have complete control.  Which ones feel best in your body?  This is a great time to learn to tune in to what your body is telling you, and what you may have been missing.  A diagnosis can be a wake-up call, but there is no value in judgement or guilt for what you have or have not done in the past.  There is only value in what you choose to do going forward. This is a new chapter in your life, and how you approach it can have a huge impact on your health.

You are not your diagnosis, but a unique being with an amazing ability to heal.  True healing can only come from within.  We have been conditioned in our culture to look outward for answers about our health, not inward.  You have all the information you need, just inside, to change your health and your life for the better.  This will involve uncovering stories from the past and identifying what you have been told about your health, as well as deciding how you will approach your health moving forward.

This is a big task to take on by yourself, so I recommend using support from family, friends, your community, and, if appropriate for you, a counselor or a coach.  You can learn more about the Inner Trail coaching program, visit our coaching page at: https://theinnertrail.com/coaching

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