I have heard on more than one occasion the opinion of conventional oncologists that diet does not affect the results of cancer treatment. Seriously – how can what you put in your body not affect the outcome of a treatment plan?  Conventional practitioners are trained in this magic-bullet, kill the disease approach in which the body has no input or influence on the process.  It is also the case that conventional treatments have made no gains in treating cancer, and more and more people are being diagnosed all the time.  So, maybe a different approach is needed here…

I contend that we must look at what causes the disease in the first place.  If we don’t address the cause, then there is nothing to prevent the disease from persisting or recurring. Just like there is never one magic treatment for cancer, neither is there one cause. There are multiple factors that contribute to the formation of disease in the body.

For cancer, there is the combination of cellular damage, and the inability of the immune system to remove the damaged cells. There will be some overlap in the causes of these two processes, but each needs to be addressed separately.

Ok, back to diet.  Everything you eat makes up everything in your body.  What you put in your mouth becomes your cells.  If your cells are not healthy, they are more likely to get damaged and become cancerous, and the cells of your immune system will not be able to function properly and eliminate other damaged cells.  Since you have to eat anyway, why not eat in a way that supports your body’s ability to heal?

In the next post, we will discuss the importance of eliminating sugar from your diet….

To your health!


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