Welcome to the Inner Trail coaching program.   I am excited to travel with you on your path to fulfillment. 

There are many aspects to health, including the physical, mental, and spiritual.  In order to thrive in life, we must address all of these areas.

There is no ‘magic – bullet’ approach to true health; it requires a great deal of self-examination, and most importantly tuning in to what your body and soul need most.  It is important to correct  imbalances in the body, along with examining limiting thoughts and beliefs about health. 

My goal for you is to access optimal health, not only in body, but in mind and spirit as well.  This will require some work on your part, including lifestyle changes and a good deal of introspection, but all of the effort you put in will be paid back in better health and a happier life.  This is not a quick-fix, but a lasting plan for long-term health.  Your body is designed for health and we will work to support that process.

Here are the areas we will examine in order to uncover your obstacles to optimal health: 

1. Physical Health

a. Food – Are you properly nourishing your body?

b. Water – Is your water clean or are you drinking toxins and drugs?

c. Supplements – What are you taking, are they necessary, or do you need others?

d. Movement – Do you move your body daily?

e. Environmental toxins – We are all being exposed daily, what can you do to detox?

2. Thoughts and Beliefs

a. Self-talk – What message are you sending your body?

b. Beliefs about health – What have you been taught to believe about health and disease?

c. Stress – How well do you navigate the ups and downs of life?

3. Spirituality

a. Faith – What do you believe in that is greater than yourself?

b. Passion –  Are you excited to get out of bed in the morning?

c. Nature – Do you experience the healing power of nature?

4. Wellness plans

a. Based on what we uncover in the above steps, we will develop a plan to start you on the path to true wellness.

b. There will be many things that you can do on your own to help heal your body that are not expensive and can be worked into your daily routine.

c.  I will support you in being accountable for your own health and eliminating limiting excuses.

My wish for you is that you feel empowered and in control of your health.   I see health challenges as wake-up calls and a powerful opportunity for transformation. You have  unlimited potential to reach even the loftiest goals and I will help you get there with a sense of strength, health, and peace. 

Don’t wait to begin this journey!

Please contact me today to schedule a complimentary  session so that we can discuss how I can help you find your path to fulfillment. 

You must care for yourself first in order to be at your best for others