Springtime on the trail….always an adventure.  Here in Colorado, spring season is notorious for wide swings in weather patterns – 70 degrees one day, 10 inches of snow the next, which melts in 48 hours with the strong spring sunshine.  This brings a variety of conditions on the trail – everything from dry trail to mud to slush to snow to ice.  The conditions vary widely with elevation and shade – anywhere the sun does not reach will hold the snow and ice much longer.  What does this mean?  Be prepared for anything, and be able to adapt with each step.  I actually enjoy theRead More →

Spring is here, in life as it is on the trail, with the beginning of a new career.  It is often hard not to look back and contemplate the meaning of past endeavors, but what purpose does this serve?  I have found none.  In my experience, trying to figure out, or understand, the past brings up feelings of self-doubt, regret and a hesitation to trust my intuition in moving forward.  Now I am trying a new approach:  I spend much more time looking forward and trusting my intuition than looking backward.  The past can provide some information and resources, but to move forward, I mustRead More →