No one likes to be sick.  We all wish for a life blessed with good health, energy, and prosperity.  But what if life throws us a curve ball and we get some news that we never wanted to hear?  Hearing your name and cancer together will evoke fear in just about anyone.  Making treatment choices in a state of fear can lead you down paths that may not be in your best interest long-term.

What if you could view your diagnosis as an opportunity for transformation?  Imagine your treatment as a time of restoration to health better than you experienced prior to the diagnosis.  You can choose your point of view, and changing it is as simple as changing your thought; simple, yes, but not necessarily easy.

Our culture, to a large degree, subscribes to a healthcare system that uses fear as a motivating factor, and it is very powerful.  What if the fear could be transformed into excitement and motivation to pursue changes that will result in improved health of body, mind and spirit?

This is a shift that will be challenging; it will require a great deal of introspection and self-inquiry.  It also requires knowledge of alternative treatment modalities, nutrition and stress reduction.  Don’t expect to do this on your own.  You will need the support of family, friends, community, healthcare practitioners, counselors and/or coaches.

By taking a step back, examining limiting thoughts and beliefs, and learning more about alternatives, your diagnosis can provide the seed for a powerful transformation.

To your health!

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