Dr Judy Jasek is a certified wellness coach, co-founder of The Inner Trail, and a holistic veterinarian. She offers customized methods to guide your path to health and fulfillment. She specializes in guiding professionals to lead a balanced life and avoid burn-out. She has learned through personal experience in her 30+ years as a practicing veterinarian how important self-care and life balance are in achieving professional and personal fulfillment. 

She believes strongly that we each have within us all the information we need to guide our well-being.  Accessing this information is a matter of tuning in and then listening. Her goal is to help professionals uncover the path to health and fulfillment by accessing their body’s wisdom and intuition so that they may make health and lifestyle choices that optimize their well-being.  Life should be about thriving, not simply surviving.

Judy has learned through her 30 year long career as a veterinarian how easy it is to neglect self care in the interest of helping others. In addition to caring for pets, she is also passionate about helping caregivers thrive. 

After obtaining her wellness coach certification, she now combines her years of experience to help others uncover reach their highest potential. 

She is an active outdoors woman and loves to hike, snowshoe, backpack and camp. Her and her husband are also certified nature retreat leaders, and hope to help others find a stronger connection to nature through guided hikes, retreats, and workshops.