What message are you sending to your body?

Your thoughts have a direct effect on the health of your body.  Your body actually believes what you think and say to it.  Knowing this, what do you want your body to hear?

Do you envision your body as healthy and strong, or as weak and sick?  Your body will respond to positive affirmations as well as negative ones.  If you want to heal an illness, imagine your life in a healed state, not a sick one; if you want to lose weight, imagine yourself lean and fit.  Once you begin to say your affirmations, watch for guidance and signs of a path to take to get you to your goal.  This is not a split second change, and it will still take time and some effort on your part.  It will still be necessary to give your body the proper tools from a balanced life such as good nutrition, reduced stress, and appropriate movement.

Here are some affirmations to try:

  1. I am healthy and strong
  2. I am lean and fit
  3. I exercise with ease
  4. I have all the energy that I need

Or, pick a different affirmation that suites your needs.  Try looking in the mirror every morning and repeat the same affirmation for 2 weeks.  Notice what shifts.  Keep a daily log so that you do not overlook subtle changes.

To your health!

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