There are two main principles here – support the natural function of the body, especially the immune system, and stop feeding the cancer.  Cancer cells are known to use a fermentation process that is dependent on glucose. Very simply, stop eating sugar, and you starve the cancer cells. This means ALL sugar – processed, natural, and even high-sugar fruits.  The most dangerous sugars are the processed forms, such as high fructose corn syrup.  Along with feeding cancer, fructose is toxic to the liver which impairs the immune system.  Fructose consumption also leads to high blood pressure, gout, fatty liver, obesity, and diabetes. Beware of ‘natural’Read More →

I have heard on more than one occasion the opinion of conventional oncologists that diet does not affect the results of cancer treatment. Seriously – how can what you put in your body not affect the outcome of a treatment plan?  Conventional practitioners are trained in this magic-bullet, kill the disease approach in which the body has no input or influence on the process.  It is also the case that conventional treatments have made no gains in treating cancer, and more and more people are being diagnosed all the time.  So, maybe a different approach is needed here… I contend that we must look atRead More →