How do you know if your gut is leaky, or your microbiome is out of balance?  The most important part of this answer is that it may not show up as digestive symptoms.  That’s right, your gut may have lost its ability to function properly and you may not notice anything different in that part of your body.  Have you ever felt tired or foggy after a meal?  This could be a sign of leaky gut because there are food molecules entering your bloodstream that do not belong there; your body now has to work to eliminate them.  This stimulates your immune system and you feelRead More →

There is a lot of buzz today about gut health and your microbiome.  Research has shown that the bacteria in your gut contribute large amounts of genetic information to your inner ecosystem.  This means that they have a great deal of influence on how well the systems in your body function.  When the bacteria in the gut are out of balance, living in the wrong location, or there are too many of one type, or not enough of another, your health can suffer. Improving your gut health is not as simple as eating a cup of yogurt now and then.  There are thousands of speciesRead More →

No one likes to be sick.  We all wish for a life blessed with good health, energy, and prosperity.  But what if life throws us a curve ball and we get some news that we never wanted to hear?  Hearing your name and cancer together will evoke fear in just about anyone.  Making treatment choices in a state of fear can lead you down paths that may not be in your best interest long-term. What if you could view your diagnosis as an opportunity for transformation?  Imagine your treatment as a time of restoration to health better than you experienced prior to the diagnosis.  YouRead More →