Why would you want to work with a Wellness Coach? Are you unable to access the level of health that you desire? Are you frustrated with your current healthcare and don’t know where to turn next? Your body has an innate wisdom and intuition from which you can learn exactly what is most needed to help it heal. I will help you access this information as you make treatment and lifestyle choices and choose healthcare providers. You are a unique individual with unique health needs, not only for your body, but for your mind and spirit as well. Our traditional Healthcare system will lead youRead More →

Your body is meant to exist in a state of relaxation.  Taking a few minutes to do nothing and quiet your mind will help your body to relax. Why is this so important?  The opposite state of relaxation is stress.  When your body is in a stressed state, hormones such as cortisol increase, causing changes that dramatically decrease your body’s ability to heal. Changes such as increasing blood glucose, shutting down digestion and reducing immune system function will significantly reduce your body’s ability to heal. The changes associated with the stress response are meant to be short-lived; once the crisis is handled, your body shouldRead More →