Do you listen to your body?  Trust me, it is talking to you ALL the time.  We have been conditioned in our culture to focus more on the external world, than the internal messages.  What if I told you that your body has all the information you need to get healthy; even heal chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, cancer, or multiple sclerosis? Would that be of interest to you?  The tricky part is learning to listen and following leads. Your body may tell you that it desires certain foods, or certain types of movement.  You may be lead to read a certain book, or see a certain typeRead More →

Springtime on the trail….always an adventure.  Here in Colorado, spring season is notorious for wide swings in weather patterns – 70 degrees one day, 10 inches of snow the next, which melts in 48 hours with the strong spring sunshine.  This brings a variety of conditions on the trail – everything from dry trail to mud to slush to snow to ice.  The conditions vary widely with elevation and shade – anywhere the sun does not reach will hold the snow and ice much longer.  What does this mean?  Be prepared for anything, and be able to adapt with each step.  I actually enjoy theRead More →

Spring is here, in life as it is on the trail, with the beginning of a new career.  It is often hard not to look back and contemplate the meaning of past endeavors, but what purpose does this serve?  I have found none.  In my experience, trying to figure out, or understand, the past brings up feelings of self-doubt, regret and a hesitation to trust my intuition in moving forward.  Now I am trying a new approach:  I spend much more time looking forward and trusting my intuition than looking backward.  The past can provide some information and resources, but to move forward, I mustRead More →